Armstrong Academy

To go where you have never been, you must do things you have never done. It’s what makes the IMPOSSIBLE, I’MPOSSIBLE. That is what our program is offering: instruction, skill work & proper movement pattern training. More working out is not the answer. Most people have no idea how good their body was designed to feel.

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We Help You Achieve Your Goals

Armstrong Fitness is raising the bar when it comes to personal training. Our world-class personal trainers provide you with two free personal training sessions your first month, as well as a free nutritional consultation every month. If you are serious about reaching your goals quickly and having fun along the way, ask us about our additional personal training packages. Send us an email at or log on to your member account to schedule your sessions.

Classes That Fit Your Needs

Why sweat alone when you can sweat with friends? Whether you like to dance, condition, or box your way to your goals, Armstrong Fitness has a class for you. We have a great variety of free classes, such as Zumba, Spinning, Circuit Training, and more. If you want to up the ante, sign up for a specialty class, such as TRX, Speed & Agility, Kickboxing, and more. We have hand-picked the best instructors to teach all of our classes. You won’t be disappointed!

Family Friendly

Enroll your little ones in Kids Club, and let them play while you sweat. Packed full of toys, games, and kid-friendly movies, our Kids Club is a fun and safe place for your children. At only $15 per child per month (discounts available for large families), childcare will never be a hurdle to reaching your fitness goals again.