What to wear for FIT2FIGHT

I know what you're thinking, " Hand wraps and gloves, uh duh", and you're right. You've seen MMA matches and boxing on TV and know what they must wear on their hands. But what should you wear when you are in your next kickboxing class that does not allow you to be half naked with specially wrapped hands and top of the line MMA gloves? More importantly, do you truly understand why we need to wear hand wraps and gloves. Most often I have found that my clients don't understand and tend to stray from the fundamentals when they don't. This article will explain why we wear what we wear when we are getting FIT2FIGHT! 


Wraps: Not using them is stupid.

Wraps protect you . In detail they protect the bones and tendons throughout the hand, thumb, and wrist. They protect the knuckles from smashing together and separating as well as stop the fingers from being jammed into the palm. I could keep going, but I think my point is made. Don't be stupid. I know, Stupid is a hard word, but to be in a state of stupid, you have to have sound knowledge and choose not to use it. At this point you have sound knowledge on why you should wear wraps during every kickboxing class or training session. Use it. 


MMA gloves : Go for quality, not price. 

Nowadays , you have so many options in the quality of the products you choose. When it comes to protecting your hands from the impact of smashing someone's face or smashing the FOCUSMASTER,  you need to be vigilant. The gloves need to be made with genuine leather for toughness, padded with high density foam for protection , and ergonomically shaped for effectiveness in striking . We have a pair of gloves for sale in club that meets these standards and is used in professional MMA bouts. If it's good enough for them, it's good enough for you . Check out PHOENIXFIGHTGEAR.COM.


Shoes : We are in a gym with trained fighters, but it doesn't have to smell like it. 

There is a lot of value in performing virtually any exercise barefoot. I am a barefoot advocate . However, when you throw in the raunchiness factor that being barefoot adds and then times that by 16 in a class, it can get stinky. With that said, a pair of wrestling /boxing shoes is ideal to wear. If you don't have a pair that’s fine. wear a pair of lightweight shoes that are fairly flat. This will allow you to get your feet off of the ground quickly for knees and kicks. 


Shirt and shorts : Leave the baggy clothes at the crib, homeboy. 

One of the first things I learned when I started creating bad-ass workouts and exercise programs, was that basketball shorts and shirts that flailed when the wind blew were not very functional clothing for moving dynamically. FIT2FIGHT requires you to move in a very dynamic fashion and any kind of loose or heavy clothing will result in slower, less effective striking. Make sure your shirt is fairly fitted and lightweight. Preferably one that wicks sweat. Wear shorts that are loose at the thigh and higher than the knee, or pants that can achieve what those kind of shorts can.


FIT2FIGHT requires you to move in a very dynamic fashion and any kind of loose or heavy clothing will result in slower, less effective striking.


I am a firm believer that everything in life matters. EVERYTHING. These tips may seem like common knowledge but I see one or more of these mistakes made every single day in our club. This next piece of advice I'm giving you can be applied to exercise programs of any type.


* Protect yourself by paying attention to details and adhering to the fundamentals of the skill you are working on.