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Ladies and gentlemen there is no other workout like this in the country! Our method of training using the Focusmaster equipment supersedes all other kickboxing class formats.

Some of the benefits you will reap as being a part of this class are: 

  • Shape and tone your body to look like a fighter and feel like a Bad Ass! 
  • Learn applicable martial arts techniques from real fighters so you have the skills and confidence of someone who can protect themselves. 
  • Burn 700 -1000 calories each session in order to stay tight and lean. 
  • Build lean muscle as result of the resistance training you receive from making contact with the Focusmaster pads.

Fit 2 Fight is not your ordinary kickboxing class. The instructors are MMA fighters themselves. We aren't hear to workout, we are hear to train. Train to defend yourself, learn proper technique, and burn calories while you do it.