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What is Mission Fit Possible?

Mission Fit Possible is a 90 day weight loss competition.  It's jam packed with all the  motivation, accountability, and inspiration one person needs to complete the mission of being fit.  Upon entering the competition you are placed on a team of your choosing.  Your team leader is a certified personal trainer  who oversees your journey, helping you to be successful.  Your entrance fee includes:

  • Weekly Required Weigh-Ins
  • 7 Mission Fit Possible Bootcamps
  • Educational Health and Fitness Workshop
  • Team Challenges/Activities
  • Halfway Point Challenges

At the end of this 90 day competition, the contestant who loses the highest percent of body fat wins $500 cash!  You will find yourself in endless motivation, on-point accountability, and inspiration for days making this mission very possible. 


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